Okanagan Road Building and Excavation

With 40+ years in the industry, Bear Paw Earthworks knows how to deliver the excavation services needed to build and maintain private, agricultural and forestry roads for industry. Road building is a core component of our business. Our road excavations include clearing roadways after storms and floods, repairing culverts and seasonal grading. We have experience in grading to improve drainage and ground stability for parking lots, road systems, new subdivision developments, and residential driveways.

  • Road Grading
  • Underground Excavations/Preparation
  • Slide Debris Removal from Roadways
  • Bridge Excavation Services
  • Private Driveways
  • Subdivision Road Building
  • Roads for Agriculture and Forestry

Looking for a road building contractor?

Call Bear Paw Earthworks for your consultation to get the process started. From heavy to light road excavations, our team of experienced heavy equipment operators are prepared for any complication in a project – we deliver quality road building services.