Okanagan Commercial Excavation

Since 1979, Bear Paw Earthworks has worked throughout the Thompson-Okanagan and Shuswap regions to deliver commercial excavation services. Our experienced crew and large equipment fleet can handle extensive projects that accommodate the development and progress of regional commercial expansion. As a recognized leader in the industry, we provide an extensive list of commercial excavation services, including heavy demolition and environmental remediation.

Commercial Demolition Services

Our region in British Columbia honours some of the oldest municipal buildings in Canada, but as city infrastructure rebuilds for safety and new eco-technologies, we need to demolish buildings to create valuable real estate for modernization and re-construction. Our team leaders will work with local groups to ensure public safety and renewal. The management and staff at Bear Paw Earthworks are committed to completing commercial demolition projects with a focus on providing environmentally responsible practices.

Call Us To Get Started

Our team of experienced heavy equipment operators and knowledgeable managers are dedicated to providing commercial clients with exceptional service and solutions that drive progress. We invite you to call us for a professional consultation and direction on your next commercial excavation project.