Aggregate Hauling

Bear Paw Earthworks Ltd. provides short and long gravel hauls throughout the Okanagan and Shuswap regions of British Columbia. Aggregate hauling is integral to the construction industry for road building, residential and commercial buildings and concrete production.

We are experienced in material hauling, delivering any volume of aggregate to your project on schedule. We have a great relationship with gravel pit crews so we can offer aggregates on demand for customers.

With several dump trucks in our fleet, we transport soil, sand, or any construction aggregate you need for your building projects. We haul crushed rock for use in concrete, and aggregate for drain fields and road side edge drains. As specialists in road building construction, we haul sand, gravel and asphalt for paving crews.

No matter what the scope of the hauling is, either for a small or large project, we are ready to take it on successfully. Bear Paw Earthworks Ltd. has a fleet of equipment and trained staff to ensure that gravel hauling services are done effectively and successfully.

Our employees are up to date with the latest in safety and health regulations and complete all our contracts in an environmentally friendly manner.

Wherever you are, we manage the logistics of your construction project to ensure your gravel is delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.



We haul large rocks for landscaping projects like retaining walls or outdoor features.

Whatever material you need to haul..

We have the fleet of equipment necessary to accommodate all of your requirements.

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